Amnesty International is a global movement of over 3 million people committed to defending those who are denied justice or freedom.

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component wire 140313 enWIRE is our bi-monthly global magazine for people who are passionate about human rights. It offers opportunities to take action in support of our campaigns, summarises key pieces of research, provides regular World Wide Appeals on Individuals at Risk, and interviews with human rights defenders.Read about our campaigns and fresh research, meet the people we work for and with, and - most importantly - take action.


Who Controls Your Body - March/April 2014

Wire front MarchAprilReal opportunities to change the world don’t come around very often. Then suddenly, two come along at once.
In April, government officials will meet to discuss our private lives. Their distant decisions could translate into harsh realities – see our WIRE features from Nepal and Argentina. By joining our My Body My Rights campaign, you can be one of millions pushing for positive changes worldwide.

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My Body, My Rights - January/February 2014 

mybody myrightEven the most intimate areas of our lives touch on our human rights. In WIRE, read the compelling stories of women, men and children who have experienced this personally.

Discussing sexual and reproductive rights can be difficult: we hope you will accept the challenge and join our new global campaign, My Body My Rights. Because by daring to articulate the problems, we can start creating solutions, together.

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latestBeing able to make your own decisions about your body, your life and your sexual and reproductive health is a basic human right. But for millions worldwide - many of them young people - this right is denied on a daily basis.

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